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Assistant Professor of Awesomeology
Title: Partners
Rating: G
Series: .hack
Character/Pairing: Kite, Blackrose
Genre: General
Prompt: Newbies always look to the high-level players for help.
Warnings: I haven't properly written anything for a long time so...

Blackrose told herself that she didn't mind. Really.Collapse )
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Assistant Professor of Awesomeology
04 December 2010 @ 00:21
Prompts/cut for spoilersCollapse )
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Assistant Professor of Awesomeology
29 September 2009 @ 21:01
First in a series of Things I'll Probably Never Crosspost.

Title: Morning routine
Rating: G
Series: Phoenix Wright
Character/Pairing: Phoenix/Edgeworth
Genre: General
Prompt: This is in fact all ai_lupin's fault.
Warnings: It's kind of dumb?

Phoenix had one very odd habit.Collapse )
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Assistant Professor of Awesomeology
15 March 2009 @ 21:24
Title: Spark
Rating: G
Series: Persona 2
Character/Pairing: Katsuya
Genre: General
Prompt: "I dreamt this as a kid....A golden butterfly...masked man...blue room...The night I played Persona with Tatsuya..." [P2:EP game script]
Warnings: Possible mild spoilers for the beginning of EP?

The kids called it Persona-sama.Collapse )
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Assistant Professor of Awesomeology
Apparently I'm on a Kurogane kick today. Also, I am really proud of myself for putting in pretty much every unique lyric to the song. I'm not sure I should be, but I am.

Title: Drunk Dialing
Rating: PG-13
Series: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Character/Pairing: Fai/Kurogane
Genre: Comedy
Prompt: "Horitsuba Verse. Fai/Kurogane. Fai rick rolls Kurogane via cell phone." (clampanonmeme)
Warnings: You'll get rick-rolled if you read it?

At 3:33 AM, Kurogane-sensei’s cell phone rang three times.Collapse )
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